Please…. I need to talk to you. I NEED to. My shit is so fucked up right now I’m so scared.

How dare you make me question love. Our love… it was hella pure. Like I know you still love me, you idiot. Damn.

I’m so pissed at you. You led me to believe so much and in the end you’ve just disappointed me like you said you never would. You’ve shown me love and now I don’t even believe in such a thing. You don’t love someone and let them go. You don’t give up when there’s a little bump in the road. You kept lying about wanting to be with me just the day before we broke up like are you kidding. I want to hate you… but I love you so much you fuck face.

How the fuck did we have something so strong and you just let it go?


Into a million little pieces. Not just my heart; but the fragments that held our souls together. You’re driving me insane. I’ve left the pieces there and hopefully they can fix themselves because I want to part in having what doesn’t belong to me anymore.

my heart hurts, why don’t you love me anymore..?


I can’t fucking stop. The thoughts are consuming me. Did you ever even love me? Was any of it real? Was I lying to myself? What the hell do I do now? Love hurts and I hate it. This pain is excruciating. Everything hurts, my whole body is sore. I’m going crazy, I’m getting sick. Withdrawals are no joke for real. Give in to me. I hate “moving on”, does NOT feel right AT ALL. Not one bit.

I lost my best friend, my lover, my better half, my significant other, my baby, darling, honey bunches, turiyrbo, sweetie pie, love bun, poophead, cutie patootie, my handsome…


This time is the saddest… Thoughts run free and the wounds find themselves open once again; no matter how hard you tried to heal them through the day… Your mind is a dangerous thing at night, it corrupts every thought, memory, idea… The thoughts make it hard to sleep, and once you finally find slumber………you wake up once again and realize the nightmare of getting through that next day with the feelings of last night.

My cousin wrote this, and it’s so relevant that I’m gonna leave this here…


"Everyday passes, and it feels like we are fading.
Turning into nothing, and for some reason I’m waiting.
I don’t know what for, but I know its not the same,
Look who you’ve become, just someone else it’s insane.
I do miss us, how we used to cuddle and shit,
But its different now, no relationship.
Two peas in a pod that’s what they all said,
But who knew our love like this would some day end.
It breaks my heart to see us go,
But like u said its for the best, I know.
I’m on my own now, with no one to claim, trying to keep myself busy gotta stay in my own lane.
I hope this is all worth it in the end like u said it was,
Its breakin my heart just writing this poem about us. Dont feel bad, cause you said you’d do better,
Just tell me when the time comes and tell me that you’ve met “her.” “

the smallest things—ejp.

thinking of the smallest things is freakin me out man.

the way your eyes get big when you talked about something that excited you…
the stare i’d catch from the corner of my eye…
the way your fingertips would trace lines on my skin while we were half asleep…
the moment your lips would touch me and i’d fall apart into you…
the panic in your voice when i’d tell you something you wouldn’t wanna hear…
hearing your voice every night before bed…
the softest “i love you’s” paired with the tiniest kisses in the morning…
the way you’d breathe in my scent the moment we reunited…
when you’d get so frustrated when things wouldn’t go your way!
the way you’d make me really think about things…
making baby faces at me when i’d pick the movie…
omg, even when you’d get so excited that i’d stay when you’d fart! hahaha

ugh. i hate this. it’s like i’m torturing myself…I don’t even know what else to do man.

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